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Beyond Tweets: Welcoming Refugees from Fortress America, 06/2017

Video of this event is now available for viewing within Dropbox and/or downloading (Bandwidth warning: the video is quite large, at 897 Mb for part 1 and 903 Mb for part 2). Click here for access to both videos.

Voices for Sanctuary, 05/2014

Voices for Sanctuary (12 min.) – offers a view of the human elements of sanctuary: the shared experience of offering and receiving safe shelter. The film explores the associated highs and lows, joys and challenges of sanctuary, as well as the history and inspiration behind the Canadian Sanctuary Network. It is intended to raise awareness and to serve as a resource for faith communities interested in the practice.

The video above is reduced in size to allow for faster streaming. It uses either MP4 video or Flash depending on your browser, and should display well on most modern browsers. Mobile users may  click here for the 720p HD version.

Some users of Internet Explorer and/or Windows XP may experience problems with the embedded video player; in these cases, you should download one of the two versions to watch offline in Windows Media Player or an alternate program:

Strategies for Opposing Bill C-31, 29/11/2012

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